My work tends to be strong colours and contrasts with a bit of fun thrown in.  All work is produced with high quality materials and varnished for a long life. 

Auckland Buzzy

The iconic toy around the Sky Tower. A commission for a family in Auckland where the couple were from the USA and Netherlands. Their children were born here. About 1.5 metres high.

Buzzy over Bethells

Our Iconic toy again captured in flight over Bethells Beach north of Auckland NZ. This one was specially commissioned to go in a home in Australia

Around the Mount

The iconic kiwiana toy comes to life again - this time around Mt Maunganui. This was a commission piece approx 1000 x 760. Happy to do one in the scene of your choice. Price depends on complexity - $3000 for one of this complexity


This painting was a private commission - that is the client's glider. Possibly not visible in this size image but the pilot is looking at Mt Maunganui - if he'd only look the other way he'd get a surprise!

Buzzy Bees Going Home

Inspired by the old New Zealand child's pull along toy - the Buzzy Bee. This one was commissioned with a very open brief - "I want one like that one" was pretty much it. The bees in this one are flying over the owner's home territory. His old hometown is in the background, just out of picture is the old family home, and unknowingly, they have just passed the cemetery where his father was buried. This went down a treat and is a great piece of colour in his lounge. 900 x 750 approx.

Coming Home

The iconic New Zealand child's toy depicted as if it were real. This notion just came to me one day and since then people just keep saying "I want one!" This one is sold but happy to take commissions ($2000 depending on complexity). Acrylic on Canvas 900 x 760

retro 2

Another retro type image. Done with gouache on paper. That is a fun medium!

Dry Dock

I saw this scene many years ago and decided recently to return to it to paint it. This is it hanging in my dining room while I "live with it" for a while to decide if it is finished or not. It is. Acrylic on Canvas 1000 x 900 approx. SOLD

Pete's Chair

This was a commission in 2017. The client had a camp site at Mt Maunganui (the caravan on the left)

Studebaker Landcruiser

Now in a private collection (which is artist speak "yah, someone bought it!) for this was the second painting that I ever did! This car was parked in a field near Queenstown as a garden ornament! (it was a big garden). Click on the image to get full screen view

End of the Road

At the end of a gravel road on a blistering hot day in Central Otago in New Zealand's South Island. Yes it was autumn but still hot. This one is not varnished because I wanted the grass to remain looking parched and thirsty. The happy owners of this live in Auckland. Click on the image to get full screen view Approx 900 x 400

Braided River

In the South Island of New Zealand most of the rivers are braided rivers. The paths they take and have taken over the years really stand out when flying over them. This is a view that would see often in a period of my life and it always fascinated me. Click on the image to get full screen view Approx 1000 x 800 Available - $800 plus shipping

on and on

The green fields of Southland in New Zealand. The area features improbable greens and big skies. Approx 900 x 760. Click on the image to get full screen view Sold

First Day of Summer

Acrylic on Canvas (1500mm x 1200mm) in a private collection. Prints are available. Are the caravans rising or falling? What do you think?

The Crib

This is the family crib (South Island NZ word for holiday home) as I remember it as a child. Old car, swim gear on the fence, blue sky.