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Old house
Red canoe
By the pool
Misty morn
Approaching Storm

Beautiful sunny day that is about to change! Both the tree and the tractor have seen better days.

Tractor Graveyard

So this is where they go! Wrecked farm tractors. Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand

Threatening Sky over silo

Canterbury Plains, New Zealand

BW trees

This stand of trees caught my eye everytime I drove past. So I stoppped. Now they are all gone.

Humber Bike

Cromwell, New Zealand

Buried ruins

In Cromwell (NZ) part of the old town was flooded to form a hydro lake. This building is just on the new lake edge and has a great view through the old window holes


Old Humber push bike

Light patterns

Through the fog

Improbably green

Esk Valley Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Twilight surfers

Some surfers making the most of the day by stretching it right out. Mount Maunganui New Zealand

Not soon enough

A couple of hours before this photo the stream was a dry bed. The bed was littered with fish for whom the rain didn't come soon enough!


About two minutes after this shot the calmness was shattered by a jet ski. Perfect conditions before that!

no shooters no ducks

On a duck pond the weekend before duck shooting season opening. This mai mai is a less elaborate one near Queenstown in New Zealand


A recently cut paddock as a storm approaches in Southland NZ

Centre Bush

The old Centre Bush railway Station in Central Southland NZ. Inside was about knee deep in pigeon droppings! I doubt you could breathe the atmosphere in there.

Main Beach at Sunrise

Mount Maunganui main beach at Sunrise one April morning


Some catamarans beached at Pilot Bay in Mount Maunganui

World Cup happy

A Tongan supporter on the way to a Rugby World cup match in Auckland New Zealand 2011


The last bit of sun hits a Central Otago hill near Wanaka.

Wairoa River at dawn

5:00am start on a winter's morning paid off!

Hanging on

Ashley tries to follow his older cousin up the half pipe. Didn't quite make it. I love the tenacity this shows


A group of local boys were cooling off by riding their bikes as far out as they could into a small lake. They were having a ball and I think this image captures that.

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