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How the London Underground Map came to be

The London Underground Map is one of the most iconic pieces of graphic art in the world. It has set the template for all other Metro and Tube systems. Did you know it even has its own typeface! It wasn't a done deal straight away - it took some getting in place and it was some years between being created and being used - but once it was used as a test it was almost immediately adopted. The crowd spoke! This little TedTalk video explains it much better than I can.

My works are loosely based on the same concepts and language of the tube maps and it it so interesting seeing people engage with them. They look for their "stop" on a system that doesn't exist and probably never will. They examine the routes to see if they make sense. If I do a small town and add some things under artistic licence they tell me "but there is no opera house/airport/ferry terminal there". I tell them there is no underground rail system either! Enjoy the video

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